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If you’ve never come across health coaching before, you’re not aloneSince I discovered it, health coaching has completely changed my life. 

Who is it for?

I work with clients who are ready to make changes that stick. Not just for a few weeks or months but for the long term.

Changes that will transform your life.

I work mainly with leaders who have busy lives, juggle many responsibilities, achieve plenty and yet feel a constant underlying pressure to do and have it all. When you work with me, you’ll gain clarity and focus. You’ll have the time and space to figure out whats really important to you and what you’d like your future to look like.  

This could be:


Losing weight


Transforming how you relate to stress


Making time for yourself after having children


Learning to say No


Establishing a consistent exercise routine


Making multiple lifestyle changes after a health scare or burnout


Transitioning in your career

How Health Coaching works

Each health coaching session lasts between 50 and 120 minutes, depending upon how often we meet.

The first thing is for you to book a free 30 minute conversation to see if coaching is a good fit for you. If the answer is ‘yes’, we book a trial session before you commit.

This all takes place either over the phone or via video call.

Walk and talk sessions


You’re busy. You want to get out for more walks in nature. You struggle to fit it all in. Why not do both with my ‘walk and talk’ coaching option?

Spending time outdoors and in green spaces is proven to release endorphins and decrease stress levels. 

It’s a convenient way to combine exercise, fresh air and focused time talking about you and taking back control.

You have enough to cope with in life without worrying about getting to another appointment on time.


How my ‘Walk and Talk’ sessions work


All you need is a full mobile phone battery, a headset and good mobile reception.

Choose a place nearby where you already love to walk. It might be some woods, hills, a local park or beach.

Work out a route that will take you around an hour at a gentle pace. We’ll agree a time and I’ll commit to walking at the same time as you while we coach via a phone call.


“I think the walking coaching is amazing! I love it because then I’ve done my exercise for the day. Each time I’ve spoken to you it’s really set me up for the day and I’ve followed through on everything and it’s given me such a buzz. I feel really positive. If I didn’t have you here I’d be in a bit of a stressful mindset trying to do too much and then that has a knock-on effect on my family. I find you really easy to talk to and there’s a connection there.”

Cathy C, 40, Bucks

Case Study – ‘Claire’

Claire couldn’t understand why she had started to eat junk food and turn to wine for comfort. This was so out of character. She was going through a stressful time but this was not at all what she wanted to be doing and it had taken her by surprise. In just one session, we uncovered what was going on and we worked together to put back into her diary the exercise sessions that she’d let slip and that helped her to feel more calm and balanced.  

“Thanks so much. You helped me to see what was going on. I’m quite a self-aware person but I had no idea why I was behaving like this. I can see clearly now.”  – Claire

“As you know I have had a huge concern recently around my health and in order to improve things and prepare for treatment I have needed to change my diet.

The coaching relationship has allowed me to change the way I am eating and I feel like it’s highly probable that I am going to reach my goal through your guidance and experience.

I really appreciate the clarity I am getting, especially when a situation feels overwhelming.

The coaching has helped me to actually work out what I want to change , why I want to make changes and how. It has really helped me to realise that I have what is needed to make the changes I want to. Thank you for all your hard work.”

Ellie T, 49, Manchester

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