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If you’ve never come across health coaching before, you’re not aloneSince I discovered it, health coaching has completely changed my life. 


What is a health coach? 

Do you ever collapse into bed exhausted then find you can’t switch off?

Do you ever wake up worrying about how to fit everything in that you’ve go to do?

Do you feel like you’re ‘just about’ holding it all together in public but in private are struggling? 

This was my life a couple of years ago. I had a lot on my plate. I didn’t see it at the time though. I was in survival mode, running – often literally- from one thing to the next.  

Health coaching was my saviour. 

Rebecca’s Story: Building resilience to stress

“I’ve been meaning to email you for some time just to tell you how much you touched my life and helped me to make some changes that felt insurmountable from our coaching sessions earlier this year. After we ended our coaching a lot of things did change as a result of what you said in our sessions. I am so much further on than I ever thought possible. I exercise three times a week, I cook from scratch and have got consistent with this. The results are that my body has changed from both the exercise and diet. I’m probably around a stone lighter than I was this time last year. I’m at least 2 inches slimmer on my waist and hips and the vision of the body I set with you in our sessions is actually reckoning.

My husband says I’m more emotionally steady and I’m certain that it’s the changes that I’ve made to my lifestyle. Anyhow I just wanted to let you know that I’m so grateful for your support and that I think you are amazing at what you do. That vision that you helped me to see of my happy place with my family in a body that I wanted to be in, I think, will stay with me forever. Thank you will never be enough.”  

Rebecca G, 37, Cheshire

How it works

Step 1

Book a 30 min initial conversation.

Step 2

If coaching seems like a good fit, we book a trial session before you commit.

Step 3

Create more space, more connection and a greater sense of freedom.

Emma’s health coaching story: This is the year for me!

Emma came to me with a desire to lose weight. She had a clear picture in her head of how she wanted to look. She’d been trying to lose weight for ages but nothing had really worked for her. Despite her best efforts, she had a habit of ‘giving in’ in the late afternoon and early evening. This meant eating a whole bar of chocolate or drinking a bottle of wine.

As we worked together, Emma realised that her job was making her miserable. She hated it, in fact. This surprised me as Emma ran her own on-line business and was very good at it. It wasn’t what she wanted to do though. It never had been. Other people had persuaded her into it and she’d gone along with it.

Now in her late 40’s, she was fed up and ready to change. “This is the year for me”, she told me. And I could tell it was. I could hear the determination in her voice. “I’m going to take charge of my life and stop doing what everyone else tells me to.”

Through our work together, Emma realised that because she was miserable and stressed out with the business, she was medicating with sweet treats, alcohol and cigarettes. Week by week, I saw her open up and come to the gradual decision to let go of the business that had come to ‘own’ her and decide to retrain in something she’d always wanted to do.

She now has a place on a university course and is currently re-qualifying. She has also given up alcohol, cigarettes and has lost nearly 28 pounds in weight. Here’s what she said after three months of working together.

“You were the first person to really listen to me and give me permission not to do the business. I don’t think I would have lost the weight if I’d stayed doing it. If you’d have told me three months ago that I would lose two stone and be starting a whole career, I never would have believed you. I can’t quite believe it! I feel like I can face the future now.”

Emma F, 48, Warrington

Credentials and Experience

For over 20 years I have been fascinated with what motivates people to change their behaviour in meaningful and lasting ways. I started my career in environmental sustainability before moving into conflict transformation, where I ran a training and mediation consultancy for 11 years.

In this time, I worked with senior leaders and teams spanning businesses, public sector, charities and faith groups. The common theme I saw was stress and the huge impact it has on people both personally and professionally. After my own journey with this, I trained as a Functional Health Coach with the Kresser Institute and transitioned into coaching full-time.

I’m on a mission to help leaders prioritise self-care and manage stress so that they can be the best leaders possible and live their lives to the full.

I am also a U.S. Medical Board-Certified Health Coach.

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