Coaching for leaders to prioritise

their own health and self-care

“I think the walking coaching is amazing! I love it because then I’ve done my exercise.
Each time I’ve spoken to you it’s really set me up for the day and I’ve followed through on everything!” 
Cathy C, 40, Bucks


Hi I’m Laura…

…and I offer transformational coaching for busy, talented leaders like you. If you feel like you’ve lost a little bit of yourself to the constant juggle, I will equip you to take back control. 

If you’re tired of running from one thing to the next, exhausted but still pushing through, then you’re in the right place. You’re not alone.

You know the story. You’re trying to leave the house and your eldest is absorbed in his book. For the third time you ask him to brush his teeth and put on his shoes because it’s nearly time to go. You’re thinking, “I’ve got a client at nine. Come ON!”

He doesn’t reply, you shout at him and you have an argument. Your youngest starts crying. Dropping them off at school, you are left feeling angry and upset. 8.50am. That’s 10 minutes until your meeting. “This isn’t how I want to be with my children”, you think.

Feeling guilty again, you have a little cry. “Why is this so bloody hard?” you ask yourself. “Where am I going wrong?”.

You’re not going wrong. You just need a bit more support. Some time and space for yourself. Someone to accompany you in navigating this crazy world.

“Laura’s sessions helped me understand why I make the choices I do. I identified what I wanted to change and why. I learnt a lot about myself and would recommend working with her.” 

Elaine P, 42, Cheshire

When it’s time to change things, you need someone who has got your back. 

Someone who will really see you, hear you and be there just for you. Someone who will help you find the way forward and hold space for your thoughts, feelings, needs, fears, visions, hopes and dreams. 


That’s where I come in, as a transformational health and wellbeing coach who understands where you’re coming from.  

Imagine if you could:


Stop working all hours and start having some time to yourself.


Create boundaries and learn to say “no” – without guilt.


Get really consistent with looking after your health, not just for the first few weeks of the year.


Be super focused at work and present when you're with your family.


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